About us

"A Village model enables safe psychological spaces for exercising individuality while strengthening collective purpose"

A Village Organisational Culture Model...

​It takes a village to attract, retain and develop the best talent and partnerships!

We are Work Psychologists passionate about human potential, innovation, and positive inclusive organisational culture.

We know that a majority of people harbour a genuine desire for human-centric, fair and inclusive workplaces. The biggest challenge remains in the "how-to". Our work harnesses behavioral sciences theories and practice to enhance individual motivation in creating a "work village" where the quest for common good is both a duty and a privilege.


Because great and inclusive organisations are great for everyone...


We co-create practical solutions with our clients leveraging our core values; humor, curiosity, efficiency, optimism and respectful inquiry.

Village Pillars

  • Science: leveraging behavioral sciences to explain the "why" and "how", to enable conscious decision-making and commitment to change actions  

  • People: putting "people" at the front, back, and center of everything we do. We tap into the "hidden voices" of your people and leverage storytelling and reflection to build the case for change. 

  • Connectedness: meaningful inter-group relationships that are not at the expense of sub-group and individual identities can truly enhance a sense of inclusion, minimising resistance to inclusive culture change. Such connectedness is sustained by ongoing learning, curiosity, and respectful inquiry to create a fertile ground on which inclusion efforts can grow.

  •  Data: utilising multiple sources of data to generate highly personalised, actionable insights to drive the desired goals


Sustainability and profits, but not at the expense of people




Success, but not at the expense of joy, purpose and wellbeing

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