Creating lasting impact with D&I

This week I was invited by MRL Consulting Group to share a number of insights with a diverse audience interested in D&I. The feedback reflects the value people came away with. Here are a chosen few...

"Thank you for such a powerful presentation Margaret Ochieng. We are currently building D&I strategy in our organisation and your shared information with clear examples are very helpful. One of my key takeaways - "Diversity is not a destination, it’s a journey". That is so true!"

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the super clear and actionable presentation Margaret Ochieng. I’ve known for a while about the idea of changing job adverts but I loved the detailed information behind the idea of ‘signaling’ in particular!"

"Hi Margaret, thank you for sharing your expertise this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the insights were valuable. Many thanks"

"...the webinar was absolutely amazing. Very clear and very structured"

"Hi Margaret, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your webinar yesterday – the content was extremely valuable and delivery was really engaging"

A big thank you to all attendees, and to the generosity of our hosts at MRL Consulting Group. If you missed it, you may listen here: