The Inclusive Village

People, Talent and Culture Solutions.

Welcome to a new corporate culture model that drives the future of work through diversity of talent, partnerships, and supply chain.

Relocate your workplace tribes, cliques and silos into a Village to help everyone belong...

What we do

We are pioneering a new research-based organisational culture model. Our Village Organisational Culture Model, (VOCUM)™ is an all-opt-in culture tool providing an ideal foundation for fostering sustainability and profits, but not at the expense of people. We drive individual and team success, but not at the expense of joy, purpose, and wellbeing. The model is derived from the behavioral sciences' social identity theory and belongingness theory.


A conscious and inclusive work environment that attracts the best, most diverse people, retains them, develops them, and supports them to flourish

Village™ | Where voice is valued, silos are porous, individuality is celebrated, humanity flourishes...

Highlights of what we can do for you

D&I Strategy and Road Maps

Organisational Culture and Belonging

Strength-Based Individual & Group Coaching 

Bespoke Workshops & Speaking Engagements

​" With the right expert advice, any organisation can move forward with small incremental changes, building up towards their goals".



Sustainability and profits, but not at the expense of people




Success, but not at the expense of joy, purpose and wellbeing

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